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Best price car rentals in Verona

Last updated on: January 17, 2022

  • Economy, Intermediate & Others

    • Fiat Panda

      US$ 23/day

      Rent a car
    • Toyota Aygo

      US$ 23/day

      Rent a car
    • Opel Corsa

      US$ 25/day

      Rent a car
      • Lancia Ypsilon

        US$ 26/day

      • Citroen C1

        US$ 28/day

      • Fiat 500

        US$ 29/day

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      Fold up

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford Ka Rental

        US$ 30/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Fiat 500X Rental

        US$ 30/day

      • Target Rent Italy Verona Volkswagen up Rental

        US$ 31/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Peugeot 108 Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford Fiesta Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Toyota Yaris Hybrid Rental

        US$ 35/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford Focus Rental

        US$ 36/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Volkswagen Golf Rental

        US$ 37/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Toyota Auris Hybrid Rental

        US$ 38/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Citroen C3 Rental

        US$ 39/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford Focus Estate Rental

        US$ 42/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Peugeot 308 Estate Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Volkswagen Polo Rental

        US$ 49/day

      • Target Rent Italy Verona Volkswagen up! Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • Locauto Verona Renault Clio Rental

        US$ 54/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Renault Captur hatchback Rental

        US$ 54/day

      • Alamo Verona Chevrolet Spark Rental

        US$ 55/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Ford Focus C-max Rental

        US$ 61/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford C-MAX Rental

        US$ 62/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Peugeot 2008 hatchback Rental

        US$ 66/day

      • Sicily By Car Verona Volkswagen Golf Estate Rental

        US$ 71/day

      • AUTOVIA Verona Kia Picanto Rental

        US$ 73/day

      • ecovia Verona Kia Morning Rental

        US$ 73/day

      • ecovia Verona Fiat 500 Rental

        US$ 77/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Toyota C-HR Hybrid Rental

        US$ 78/day

      • ecovia Verona Kia Rio Rental

        US$ 79/day

      • Alamo Verona Renault Captur 2doors Rental

        US$ 84/day

      • OPTIMO RENT Verona Fiat Punto Rental

        US$ 84/day

      • Locauto Verona Renault Captur Rental

        US$ 84/day

      • ecovia Verona Fiat 500l Rental

        US$ 91/day

      • OPTIMO RENT Verona Renault Twingo Rental

        US$ 95/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford Tourneo Rental

        US$ 101/day

      • Locauto Verona Fiat Tipo Rental

        US$ 102/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Peugeot 308 Rental

        US$ 106/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Opel Astra Estate Rental

        US$ 106/day

      • Locauto Verona Audi A3 Rental

        US$ 107/day

      • ecovia Verona Seat Leon Rental

        US$ 109/day

      • Europcar Verona Smart Forfour Rental

        US$ 111/day

      • Locauto Verona Fiat Tipo Estate Rental

        US$ 116/day

      • SIXT Verona Citroen C1 2Seats Rental

        US$ 121/day

      • Europcar Verona Peugeot 208 Rental

        US$ 124/day

      • Locauto Verona Skoda Octavia Estate Rental

        US$ 124/day

      • Alamo Verona Skoda Octavia Rental

        US$ 124/day

      • Alamo Verona Fiat Marea Rental

        US$ 126/day

      • Alamo Verona Mercedes Benz B Class Rental

        US$ 143/day

      • Budget Verona Toyota Yaris Rental

        US$ 152/day

      • Europcar Verona Renault Megane Estate Rental

        US$ 163/day

      • Dollar Verona Ford Grand C-max Rental

        US$ 164/day

      • Budget Verona BMW 1 Series Rental

        US$ 169/day

      • SIXT Verona MINI Cooper One Rental

        US$ 171/day

      • SIXT Verona MINI One Rental

        US$ 172/day

      • ecovia Verona Seat Leon Estate Rental

        US$ 174/day

      • Enterprise Verona Alfa Romeo Giulietta Rental

        US$ 179/day

      • SIXT Verona Peugeot 2008 Rental

        US$ 182/day

      • NOLEGGIARE Verona Ford Mondeo Estate Rental

        US$ 185/day

      • AVIS Verona Mercedes-Benz A Class Rental

        US$ 187/day

      • SIXT Verona Fiat Qubo Rental

        US$ 189/day

      • SIXT Verona Citroen DS 5 Rental

        US$ 190/day

      • ecovia Verona Citroen C5 Rental

        US$ 199/day

      • ecovia Verona Citroen Berlingo Rental

        US$ 203/day

      • Budget Verona Citroen C4 Picasso Rental

        US$ 272/day

      • SIXT Verona Audi Q3 Rental

        US$ 272/day

      • Budget Verona Citroen C4 Rental

        US$ 273/day

      • Maggiore Verona Mercedes-Benz CLA Rental

        US$ 522/day

  • SUV

    • Opel Mokka

      US$ 39/day

      Rent a car
    • Opel Mokka X

      US$ 39/day

      Rent a car
    • Opel Crossland X

      US$ 41/day

      Rent a car
      • Volkswagen T-roc

        US$ 50/day

      • Ford Kuga

        US$ 70/day

      • Land Rover Discovery

        US$ 92/day

      Show other 35

      Fold up

      • Leasys Verona Jeep Renegade Rental

        US$ 106/day

      • Alamo Verona Nissan Qashqai Rental

        US$ 110/day

      • Leasys Verona Jeep Compass Rental

        US$ 134/day

      • Europcar Verona Fiat 500X Rental

        US$ 150/day

      • Leasys Verona Jeep Cherokee Rental

        US$ 163/day

      • Europcar Verona Renault Kadjar Rental

        US$ 177/day

      • Leasys Verona Alfa Romeo Stelvio Rental

        US$ 187/day

      • Maggiore Verona Audi Q2 Rental

        US$ 187/day

      • Europcar Verona Dacia Duster Rental

        US$ 194/day

      • Budget Verona Peugeot 3008 Rental

        US$ 194/day

      • Budget Verona Kia Sportage Rental

        US$ 202/day

      • Budget Verona Kia Sportage Rental

        US$ 203/day

      • AVIS Verona Volvo xc40 Rental

        US$ 215/day

      • AVIS Verona Jeep Compass Rental

        US$ 225/day

      • SIXT Verona Volkswagen Tiguan Rental

        US$ 238/day

      • SIXT Verona BMW X1 Rental

        US$ 272/day

      • AVIS Verona Nissan X-Trail Rental

        US$ 286/day

      • Budget Verona Renault Espace Rental

        US$ 305/day

  • Full Size, Premium & Luxury

  • Van & Pickup Truck

13 Car Rental Brands in Verona, Veneto, Italy

21Rental Locations

13Airport Locations

  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • AVIS
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Thrifty
  • Alamo
  • Keddy by Europcar
  • Leasys
  • Target Rent Italy
  • Sicily By Car
  • ecovia

Map View of Car Rental Locations in Verona

Customer Reviews of Car Rentals

  • Thrifty


  • Alamo


  • Budget


  • Target Rent Italy




  • Maggiore


  • Europcar


  • Interrent


  • GLOBAL rent a car


    • R.Holfeld


      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: August 14, 2020

      Very pleased with experience

      Read More >
    • L.PECK


      8.7/10 Very Good

      Reviewed: October 14, 2019

      Verona Station was awkward to get back to we were not informed we could use taxi/Bus lane only to get back to depot

      Read More >
    • Verona

      4.7/10 Average

      Reviewed: September 22, 2019

      Car assigned was below my expectation and counter staff did not clearly explained, but only said "car for you is Fiat 500 and because you want a auto transmission car". She is very rude and bad attitude and raised her voice at me, Despite i was not rude to her except that i feel cheated when she told me i got a Fiat 500. I got no choice but to accept it and when i go by myself to collect the car, i realise it is Fiat 500L. She could have explained it properly.

      Read More >
    • M.Ansel


      5.7/10 Average

      Reviewed: May 22, 2019

      First we booked an automatic car and when we arrived they said they didn’t have any left. But we reserved it over a month ahead of time. Then, she wanted to give us free upgrade, which just meant a huge car that was Manual, which you don’t need a huge car in Europe. So we finally got her to give us a smaller manual car for a 1/3 of the cost, but we did not receive the adjustment refund yet and we’ve been home for over a week. The car we ended up with smelled like smoke, and then later that night we realized that neither headlight was working and we had no windshield washer fluid. So we had to drive home to our place with either no headlights or blinding people with our high beams. We ended up at a mechanic and getting two new head lights which we didn’t get reimbursed for that yet either. Overall I’m still upset with budget and how everything was handled. I’m hoping we get our reimbursement soon. I won’t book with budget again.

      Read More >
    • C.Goodridge


      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: September 12, 2019

      The car was very good and the staff where very helpful. The Location was off site and at night I was asked to check a hire car in the dark for damage. Fortunately the car was undamaged and no issue when returning but I did feel happy taking a car which i couldn't inspect in some light other than my iPhone.

      Read More >
    • Verona

      6/10 Average

      Reviewed: September 10, 2019

      This was the only car rental service located outside of the airport rental car area in Verona, which was not readily apparent from the email confirmation. We therefore took a taxi from the train station to the airport car rental area where we were told ours was the only offsite rental company. We called the shuttle service provided in the email and were told it would be there in 10 minutes. We waited 40 minutes on the shuttle service. The entire experience caused us to be late to an appointment.

      Read More >
    • Verona

      9/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: August 12, 2019

      We ordered a ford S Max, which is a seven seater. The car was not available and we were offered a nine seater mini van instead. As that is too big for me to drive and unsuitable for narrow streets, we instead took a ford mondeo station wagon, which is a five seater and a little crowded with three kids on long journeys. So that was disappointing to say the least.

      Read More >
    • Cindy H.


      4.7/10 Average

      Reviewed: September 4, 2019

      The oustide of the car was dirty when Maggiore gave me the possession of the car. The counter staff said that the car had no damages. However, I have directly seen that it was not true. I took pictures of theses damages. As the car was dirty, I couldn't see all damages. When I dropped the car off, Maggiore accused me of shattering the windshield. It directly more than 550 euros to my visa card ! It is a con. The damage was there before I took the car but wasn't noticeable seeing that the windshield was covered in filth. Maggiore knew that and swindled. EasyRentCars should no longer work with this company because it distorts its reputation.

      Read More >
    • D.Medcraft


      8.7/10 Very Good

      Reviewed: June 12, 2019

      I was charged a one way fee which I had

      Read More >
    • Mr Hedges


      8/10 Very Good

      Reviewed: September 4, 2019

      Long wait at Verona airport on arrival, as 4 people in queue, and only 1 person working. We had prebooked, but had to wait behind people who had not. Appreciate it was Sunday evening, but Hertz had 2 people serving and no queue. Air con in pick up queue was not on or not working. Vehicle selected was a Peugeot 308 estate which has a 660L boot, but I was provided with a Fiat 500L which has a 455L boot - 205 litres less ? Appreciate vehicle make cannot be guaranteed, but how are these vehicles in the same class ? Offered a Volvo estate for another 140 EUR, but an equivalent size car or bigger should be offered at no extra cost. Return of vehicle much better. 2 people serving, and no queue. Process took less than 10 mins.

      Read More >
    • V.Konyaev


      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: May 6, 2019


      Read More >
    • Ievgenii Taran


      9/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: July 23, 2019

      Прекрасная работа персонала! Не совсем было понятно где оставлять Авто, так как фирменные парковочные места были заняты. Порекомендовали оставить на фирменном месте другого оператора.

      Read More >
    • Verona

      9/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: June 12, 2019

      The counter staff were helpful if a little brusk!

      Read More >
    • D.Jarmey


      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: July 19, 2018

      Like: Nice clean and well maintained car
      Dislike: Would have slightly preferred a diesel

      Read More >
    • M.Baines


      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: May 29, 2019

      Nice staff and a great car. Very easy process

      Read More >

17 Car Rental Locations at Verona Airport (VRN)

Car Rentals Near Landmarks or Places of Interest in Verona

  • Others

  • Stadium

  • Railway Station

  • Theater

  • Museum

  • Historical Site

  • Exhibition Center

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